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400/800kg 1300W Electric Hoist Winch

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GIANTZ 800KG 1300W Electric Hoist

No more trying to lift heavy things the hard way, this GIANTZ 800KG Electric Hoist will definitely make your lifting tasks easier. It is ideal for the garage, warehouse and other applications. You can bolt the hoist to an overhead beam to make short work of any lifting jobs and is perfect for suspending heavy loads without compromising the health of your back. Packed with impressive features, you can be assured of your health and safety. This is the fully featured lifting solution you have been looking for. Get one of these for your workshop and make your life a breeze!

Why choose copper motor?

Comparing to aluminium, copper has higher conductivity, higher chemical stability and also a higher price. That is why nowadays more and more manufactures are using aluminium motor. However, to compensate, aluminium motors have disadvantages in a long run. First, due to lower conductivity, the magnet wire must have larger cross-section and it brings a heat generation problem which makes it worse for heavy user because heat can't dissipate fast enough. Second, aluminium will oxidize fast in a heat environment. Therefore the designers also need to consider heat dissipation and prevent oxygen exposing. In a long run, aluminium motor will have less product life than copper one which may make it not economically feasible as it looks like. It must be pointed out that motor efficiency is much more complicated than the figure vs. price debate. It is possible to match the power performance of a motor but it is hard to tell if that power would remain over time.
Note: The electric hoist is only suitable for vertical lifting.


* Powered by lateral-magnetic single-phase capacitance motor
* 18m upgraded high tensile cable
* Premium copper motor
* Emergency instant stop switch
* Built-in flywheel for self-cooling
* Single and double rope lifting
* Overload protection function
* Comes with an extra hook
* CE/GS/RoHS/EMC approval
* Voltage: AC 240V/50Hz
* Input power: 1300W
* Single rope capacity: 400kg
* Double rope capacity: 800kg
* Lifting speed: Single rope 10 metres/min, Double rope 5 metres/min
* Lifting height: Single rope 18m, Double rope 9m
* Length of power cable: 0.8m
* Length of control switch cable: 1.8m

Package Contents

* 1 x Electric Hoist
* 1 x User Manual


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