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Where Can I Spend Bitcoin In Australia?

Posted by Joshua Maher on

There's been a hot debate on whether Bitcoin works as a functioning currency, or whether it's simply a store of value.

One of our main goals at is to advance the acceptance and use of Bitcoin as a currency.

Something that people can use for tangible purposes like buying a coffee or retail shopping online or paying their bills.

While adaption is still in the early days, the more people and places that use cryptocurrency, the more it will grow.

Whether it's an e-Commerce site or Point Of Sale system in a store, Bitcoin can already be taken as payment at multiple places around Australia.

The list is always changing, so instead of giving you a list that might be outdated in a month or a year... Here are just a few of our favourites.

Australia Wide

Well.... obviously! Our online department store features 1000's of products and delivery Australia wide.

Shop streetwear, sneakers, and other apparel at Culture Kings stores around Australia.


Grab a coffee and brunch from the laneway cafe The Little Mule in Melbourne.


Escape the hustle and bustle of the Sydney CBD by tucking into The SG for a cold beer and Atari Games.


Pay your everyday bills or transfer money to your bank account with Brisbane based Living Room Of Satoshi.

View more locations in Brisbane visit Travel by Bit Australia.

More Locations Across Australia

The above are just a handful of places.

We actually recommend asking your favourite stores if they don't already take Bitcoin payments in order to increase awareness.

For an online listing of venues that accept Bitcoin broken down by popular city and business category visit BitFinderPlus.

Or visit to see a heat map of all venues across Australia and the rest of world that you can spend Bitcoin.

Why Would I Spend My Bitcoins?

As the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed in 2017, lots of people were content to HODL and see where the ride took them.

But it's hard work and requires a lot of discipline when the roller coaster takes a dive like on Black Tuesday in January.

Bitcoin and many other alt-coins hit a 50% loss within a month and people were panic selling.

If you bought at around AUD $20K you might have wanted to offload at least part of them to stop losses but found exchanges overloaded.

The more places you have to spend your Bitcoins online and in person, the more options you have to spend money on things that you may have been going to buy anyway.

We'll continually update this page with established venues once they have been taking Bitcoin for some time.

If your store takes cryptocurrencies or you have a favourite you want to share with us simply email us at


- Joshua Maher


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