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Bitcoin Payment Processors

Posted by Joshua Maher on strives to provide the biggest store range of products in Australia all available to purchase with Bitcoin.

We're the one-stop-shop for everything from fitness gear to electronics to furniture.

And we want to make it easy for you to use your Bitcoin to shop online for anything you want.

Some Bitcoin payment facilities have already managed to establish a foothold in the payment processing world such as BitPay.

While other providers such as Stripe have dipped their toe in the water but decided to back off until it better suits their business goals.

The future could hold many more and better solutions for businesses and shoppers alike as technology improves.

Below are some of our tops picks.


BitPay was founded in the US in 2011 and since then has grown to be a widely-used Bitcoin payment processor around the world.

They offer not only merchant facilities that seamlessly plug into our store for your use, but also dedicated wallets and Visa cards for customers.

They currently only accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Find out more info on BitPay here:


GoCoin was founded in 2013 by Steve Beauregard and Brock Pierce and is based in Singapore.

Since then GoCoin has integrated with +15,000 merchants and processed over five million transactions worldwide.

GoCoin currently supports payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash.

You can find out more info on GoCoin here:

Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase is widely known for being a popular online wallet and a platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

They made their way into the merchant side of crypto in February by introducing Coinbase Commerce.

CoinBase payments currently support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

You can find out more info on CoinBase here:

Table of Accepted Coins By Processors
  Bitpay GoCoin Coinbase
Bitcoin X X X
Bitcoin Cash X X
Ethereum X X
Litecoin X X
Dash X



- Joshua Maher

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